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7 of Hallmark's Original TV Series, Ranked


Crown Media has made the Hallmark Channel the go-to spot for feel-good entertainment. Popular for their original movies, particularly their Christmas movies, Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries are family-friendly, create tons of new content each year, and have developed a loyal fan base over the years. Luckily, Hallmark has more to offer than just their movies. Their original shows are basically like watching an ongoing Hallmark movie week after week...if you haven't seen any of them yet you are seriously missing out.

Here are seven Hallmark Channel TV shows, ranked.

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7. When Hope Calls


This spinoff from When Calls the Heart follows orphaned sisters Lillian and Grace who made their debut in When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing. Though introduced as children, the show brings the girls back as adults, opening up an orphanage in the town of Brookfield. You get to see romances with handsome mounties and ranchers as well as the expected drama of living in the time period. The show only has two seasons so far, but just like its predecessor, is quickly gaining a passionate fan base. While there aren't as many familiar faces leading this series, Lori Loughlin reprised her When Calls the Heart character, Abigail Stanton, in season 2.

6. Cedar Cove 

Andie MacDowell led her own series for three seasons based on Debbie Macomber's book series. MacDowell starred as Olivia Lockhart, Cedar Cove's Municipal Court judge and the moral compass for her coastal hometown. The show focused on Olivia, her daughter Sarah, and the townsfolk of Cedar Cove as they are pulled in different directions after a new developer comes to town. I'm still not sure why this show only got three seasons because it was genuinely fun to watch. Andie MacDowell is always a treat and we also got a couple of our favorite leading Hallmark men, Dylan Neal and Brennan Elliott.

5. Home & Family


Does anyone else miss Home & Family? Hallmark's original talk show had been on the air since the 90s, airing its final episode in 2021. Though the hosts varied over the years, Cameron Mathison and Debbie Matenopoulos were the final hosts of the series which would bring on special guests with DIY crafts, Hallmark stars to talk about their latest projects, and more. Potentially one of the best parts of this show is it would give you behind-the-scenes looks at some of the popular Christmas movies before they'd air. You'd also get to hear personal stories from some of the network's most popular actors. I'm still not sure why they canceled it, but it will definitely be missed.

4. Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Also known as the Lost Letter Mysteries, this series centered on four postal workers who try to deliver lost letters. Every episode is heartwarming as they work together to make sure a letter, sometimes years and years late, makes it to where it's supposed to be. Starring Eric Mabius, the show was quirky and fun. After the first season, Hallmark decided to transition into making a series of films instead of episodes, which are equally as entertaining. It's really a rag-tag group trying to deliver the undeliverable around the Denver area, but you won't find a better bunch.

3. Chesapeake Shores


This popular Hallmark drama is centered around the O'Brien family, who lives in the Maryland town of Chesapeake Shores. Meghan Ory stars as Abby O'Brien, a New York City career woman who returns back to her hometown to help her sister Jess. The O'Brien family is a bit fractured due to their parents' divorce and things get really crazy when their estranged mother returns to town. This show is full of interesting drama as you follow the adult O'Brien siblings in their careers, love lives, and relationships with their parents. It's a good one, currently with five seasons released. Not to mention we got multiple seasons of Jesse Metcalfe playing Abby's love interest. He was able to show off his singing skills as an aspiring musician.

2. When Calls the Heart

Inspired by the Canadian West book series, Michael Landon Jr. developed the story of a young teacher traveling out west first as an original movie, later as the current TV series starring Erin Krakow. Elizabeth Thatcher leaves her high society life behind when she gets the opportunity to teach in the small mining town of Coal Valley. She makes friendships, learns to live a tough lifestyle she's not accustomed to and finds romance. This series has such a dedicated fan base they refer to themselves as "Hearties." It's yet another series that Hallmark knocked out of the park. Fans keep coming back season after season to watch Elizabeth's various suitors from Jack to Nathan. Season nine of the popular show is coming soon!

1. Good Witch


The Good Witch Hallmark movies were so popular, an original series centered around Cassie Nightingale was released. The series is more focused on Cassie's day-to-day life in the dreamy little town of Middleton. The show picks up with Cassie and her daughter Grace and follows her relationship with the handsome new doctor in town (James Denton), her best friend Stephanie, and her cousin Abigail.

Good Witch is genuinely great, which is probably why it's been running for seven seasons and still going strong. Not to mention they have some quality Halloween episodes, which are fun to watch if you're looking for Hallmark holiday movies around that time.

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