Odessa Hailstorm

A Hailstorm in Texas Caused an Insane Amount of Damage

Last week, a hailstorm rocked Odessa, Texas. With winds reaching 60 to 70 mph and baseball-sized hail, the storm caused catastrophic damage in just a half hour.

KSAT reported hail the size of a grapefruit, along with about an inch of rain. According to NewsWest9, the estimated bill for the damage caused: $480 million.

"I can go back 20 to 30 years, I don't remember any hailstorm or even a tornado occurring in the Midland-Odessa area that caused this much significant damage," Mark Hanna of the Insurance Council of Texas told CBS7.

The hailstorm damaged 35,000 vehicles and hundreds of homes and businesses, as estimated by the Insurance Council of Texas. A local car dealership, All-American Chevrolet Odessa, told Newswest9 that all of their 700 cars were damaged. As a result, they're estimating the damage totals about $10 million.

During the storm, many Odessa locals took to social media to show off their giant hail. The large-sized hail was probably much less exciting for those folks who had homes or cars damaged during the hailstorm.

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