Hailey Whitters Premieres Fierce New Track, ‘Pocket Change’ [LISTEN]

Newcomer Hailey Whitters has followed the path taken by many country music hopefuls.

She moved to Nashville, Tenn. from her tiny town in Iowa at the age of sixteen and never looked back. Years later, she's gaining buzz around town as she preps for the release of her debut album, Black Sheep.

Whitters spent her late teens and early 20s singing for tips in the many honky-tonks that line the streets in downtown Nashville. Those long nights of performing for tourists' tips have allowed her to grow into a mature artist of her own who has something to say, and knows exactly how to make you listen when she says it.

Her new track, "Pocket Change", is infused with a large dose of feminine confidence that has made Miranda Lambert such a celebrated figure in country music. Throughout the song, she's backed by powerful electric guitar and a punchy beat that's built to make your boots start tapping. When she proclaims "I don't want to love you anyhow," it's obvious she has no intentions of being bogged down by a little heartbreak. Whether it's in life or in her music, Whitters doesn't back down easy.

Black Sheep will be released Oct. 2 through Carnival MusicClick below to preview Hailey Whitters' new track, "Pocket Change".

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Hailey Whitters Premieres Fierce New Track, ‘Pocket Change’ [LISTEN]