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H-E-B Opened A Crawfish Boil House Outside One of Their Stores

People of Houston get your shrimp bibs and your Forrest Gump quotes ready, A H-E-B in Houston as opened up their first Texas Boil House, making it totally possible to combine your weekly shopping trip with a delicious shrimp meal. The Houston H-E-B, located at 10100 Beechnut Street, has opened its door, and boy, are we excited. 

The True Texas Boil House features a delicious menu filled with boiled crawfish, shrimp, snow crab legs, fried catfish and even banana pudding for dessert. Diners can add on a bounty of sides including seasoned corn, Cajun fries, hushpuppies and coleslaw to their seafood to make it a complete meal. 

This isn't the first time the grocery store has added to a restaurant to one of their stores. The company currently has 3 Double-0 Nine Restaurant & Bar in Schertz, Texas, Café Mueller in Austin, Oaks Crossing in San Antonio and Table 620 in Lakeway. However, this is the company's first seafood venue. 

The concession-style H-E-B True Texas Boil House concept comes after the grocery store's famous local parking lot crawfish boils. "About 10 to 12 years ago, stores started doing crawfish boils in tents. We were able to sustain and grow this," says Melchor, Perishable Leader at Beechnut H-E-B, "True Texas Boil House makes things more efficient. We are able to produce at a faster rate for customers, and support the needs of the community."

The 10100 Beechnut St. H-E-B location is based in Chinatown, with an even split between African-American, Latino, and Asian customers. Melchor explains that this store was one of the most popular crawfish boil locations and Melchor is excited to offer a year-round boil house for his customers. 

Texans can eat mild and spicy crawfish, and head-on and headless shrimp. Customers can even buy crawfish by the pound. 

The hours are Friday-Sunday 11am-9pm and Monday 3pm-9pm.

This article was originally published on Mar 21, 2019.

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