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Watch Celebs Duke It Out in Guy Fieri's New Show, ‘Guy's Ultimate Game Night’

Guy Fieri has taken us all over the United States. We've seen the greatest greasy spoons the country has to offer with Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. We've watched chefs battle it out at a supermarket in Guy's Grocery Games. Now, we'll watch celebrity guests compete in a variety of food-centric games and trivia with the upcoming Guy's Ultimate Game Night.

Fieri's ready to mix things up with his sixth show, which is set to air on Food Network and Discovery Plus. This set of culinary challenges will inject a bit of Hollywood-tinged flavor into the mayor of Flavortown's laid-back series of food-centric entertainment. Looking forward to seeing what Fieri has up his sleeve with his newest show? Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming series.

What is Guy Fieri's New Show About?

Fieri's new game show Guy's Ultimate Game Night is all about gathering together and having a ton of fun. We'll see Fieri join up with celebrity guests as they tackle food-related games, centered in the "Flavortown Lounge". Fieri and his famous friends will test their mettle while solving word puzzles, answering trivia questions, and taking part in typical party games, all in a bid to crown a winner - who'll win prizes to donate to the charity of their choice.

Described as a "culinary show unlike any other", Guy's Ultimate Game Night will have a little something for everyone. According to Variety, contestants will compete in front of a live studio audience and take part in everything from decorating a cake blind to adding pizza toppings to a crust in the shape of Fieri himself. There will even be a special food-related version of Pictionary named "Cooktionary".

In addition to games everyone can take part in, there'll be mouth-watering dishes, live music, and the banter you know and love from Fieri and his buddies. Think of it as one of the coolest dinner parties you've ever been to. And add it to Fieri's growing media empire, where we not only get to take a peek at his life and his favorite places to eat, but places throughout the nation that'll take us to our own version of Flavortown.

There's a veritable who's who of Hollywood set to appear in Guy's new show, too. Carson Kressley, Natasha Leggero, Kevin Smith, Johnny Weir, Penn and Teller, and Alyssa Milano will be competing together in Guy's Ultimate Game Night, along with several other stars from movies, TV, and everything in between. Plus, celebrity chefs like Antonia Lofaso will be headed to the Flavortown Lounge to assist Fieri.

Ready to play along with Fieri and his celebrity friends? You can catch Guy's Ultimate Game Night when it launches on Food Network and Discovery Plus on August 31 at 9 p.m. If you miss it when it airs, it'll be available to stream afterward. You may want to brush up on your food-related trivia beforehand.

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