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Guy’s Grocery Games Judges Can Make or Break a Season of Triple G

The Guy's Grocery Games judges are a staple in Flavortown market. Guy Fieri rotates a selection of Food Network chefs and and TV show personalities as his judges. He's even known to have some of his favorite Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives chefs and past GGG winners on as judges. While it looks like all fun and games, the Triple G judges have a difficult task at hand. They are responsible for eliminating a contestant each round, as well as choosing the winner of the cooking competition.

The judges are often seen laughing, joking around with Guy and Hunter, and serving up top notch critiques to the contestants. Let's meet some of them.

Guy's Grocery Games Judges

1. Brian Malarkey

Brian is a celebrity chef from San Diego, California, who often appears as a judge on GGG. He loves seafood and shellfish. His last meal would be all shellfish with butter, lemon, and wine.

2. Melissa d'Arabian

Melissa competed and won season 5 of "The Next Food Network Star". She hosted her own cooking show, "Drop 5 Lbs with Good Housekeeping" on the Cooking Channel. She's also a two-time cookbook author.

3. Guy's Grocery Games Judge, Beau MacMillan

One of his greatest claims to fame was beating Bobby Flay as a challenger on Iron Chef. He's a regular face of GGG and has even competed and won GGG All-Stars.

4. Troy Johnson

Troy is a food critic for San Diego Magazine. His critiques often include his immense food knowledge with some humor thrown in for good measure.

5. Catherine McCord

Catherine started out as a runway and print model. She transitioned into the food world with her blog, Weelicious. She also has authored one cookbook.

6. G. Garvin

G. Garvin hosts his own show, "Roadtrip with G. Garvin", on the Cooking Channel. He's a regular on GGG and when he's not doing that, he's helping open restaurants in Los Angeles.

7. Duskie Estes

Duskie competed on season 3 and 5 of The Next Iron Chef. She's a successful restaurateur owning Zazu Kitchen + Farm, Black Pig Meat Co. and MacBryde Farm.

8. Guy's Grocery Games Judge, Aarti Sequeira

Aarti won season 6 of "Next Food Network Star" and has gone on to star in her own cooking shows. She even competed and judges in Triple G All-Stars.

9. Richard Blais

He was the winner of "Top Chef: All Stars" and owns three restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.

10. Aaron May

He is well known on the competition scene, appearing on GGG, "Guy's Ranch Kitchen", and "Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives".

11. Damaris Phillips

She is a Food Network winner and Southern superstar. She cooks alongside Bobby Flay and has competed on "Cutthroat Kitchen".

12.Guy's Grocery Games Judge, Carl Ruiz

Lovingly known as the The Cuban, he was a regular chef and winner of the First Triple G Triple D championship. He passed away unexpectedly in September, 2019.

13. Justin Warner

Justin won season 7 of "Food Network Star". He's the Guy's Grocery Game Judge that has competed on the show 7 times.

14. Guy's Grocery Games Judge, Jet Tila

Jet is a regular judge on Grocery Games. He also competed in Tournament of Champions and GGG.

15. Alex Guarnaschelli

Alex is not only a judge, but an Iron Chef. She judges and also competes from time to time.