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Guy Fieri Will Never Eat a Dish With This Ingredient On Camera

Most of us know Guy Fieri from his presence on Food Network shows or his invention of Donkey Sauce. This platinum-haired TV personality currently hosts Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, or Triple-D, along with owning multiple restaurants. Guy Fieri is an excellent chef and is no stranger to exotic dishes, but one food that he just can't stomach is eggs.

Guy Fieri's Culinary Career

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 04:  Guy Fieri poses at the Bring it t-ON-g Grilling Challenge at Penthouse 15 on September 4, 2008 in New York City.

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Guy Fieri started his food career early on, when he saved up by selling pretzels to study abroad in France in high school. There, he gained an appreciation for international cuisine and an interest in being a part of its lifestyle. Fiery's first restaurant was "California Pasta Grill," but since then he's owned restaurants specializing in a wide variety of food.

From BBQ and sushi to a fast food chicken sandwich shop in Disney World, Fieri has a wide-reaching repertoire of cuisines. He's owned restaurants in California, New York City, Las Vegas, and even on Carnival cruise ships. This Food Network star is best known for comfort food and meat dishes that involve copious grease and carbs.

Guy Fieri's restaurants offer meals like fried chicken, the bacon mac 'n' cheeseburger, crispy Vegas fries, and BBQ brisket. His big personality and cooking talent are on full display in the many shows he's hosted, from Guy's Grocery Games to Guy's Family Feast.

In his personal life, Guy Fieri surprisingly shares that he loves veggies and salads rather than fried foods. So while corned beef hash or fried chicken breast may be what you imagine him chowing down on, a Caesar salad or spicy Indian curry brings him as much joy as a plate of braised beef n grits.

A Surprising Food Preference

MIAMI BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 28: Guy Fieri attends The 2010 South Beach Wine and Food Festival Grand Tasting Village on February 28, 2010 in Miami Beach, Florida.

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Although Guy Fieri has an extremely adventurous palate and seems to enjoy food of all kinds, he just can't get past eggs! He used to love fried egg sandwiches, sharing that he would eat them with processed cheese and white bread.

However, his aversion to eggs all started when he was ten years old, when he cracked open an egg to find a whole chicken inside of it. This turned him off of the breakfast food, a feeling that was only enforced when he ate a bad hard-boiled egg. "It was the chalky yolk. After that, I just kind of took a different spin."

The spiky-haired mayor of Flavortown isn't a big fan of breakfast food in general, although he does occasionally love a good ham and grits with redeye gravy if he's in the mood for it. The fact that Guy Fieri hates eggs is an unexpected quirk, one that becomes clear the more you watch this TV personality.

Although Jimmy Fallon hilariously convinced Guy Fieri to drink a raw egg on The Tonight Show, the TV personality definitely isn't cooking up eggs on a Sunday morning. No matter how many unusual foods and flavors Fieri has tried throughout his food career, eggs are the dish that he can't get on board with!

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