Guitarist Sues Keith Urban for 'Ripping Off' His Band's Name

The lead guitarist and vocalist of the rock band Player is suing Keith Urban over the name of the country star's instructional guitar kit.

Peter Beckett filed a suit against Urban over the "Keith Urban 50-piece Deluxe PLAYER Guitar Package", which went on sale earlier this year. The kit advertises the ability to teach players 30 songs in 30 days through video lessons hosted by Urban. Beckett was a member of the band Player, known for its 1978 hit, "Baby Come Back". Beckett sees the use of "Player" in multiple items sold under Urban's name as a detriment to his band's brand and image.

"Defendants' use of the trade name and trademark Player...are likely to deceive and will continue to deceive the consuming public," the suit reads, according to Patch. "Defendants knew, recklessly disregarded, or reasonably should have known that such packaging, advertising, marketing, and promotion was untrue and/or misleading."

The suit also claims that if Urban continues to market his items with the word Player, "one day consumers may come to believe that 'Baby Come Back' was written and performed [by Urban]."

Beckett's suit will be reviewed during a trial in Los Angeles set to begin December.

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Guitarist Sues Keith Urban for 'Ripping Off' His Band's Name