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8 Ground Turkey Recipes for a Healthy, Delicious Dinner

Ground turkey is the ideal ingredient for easy, healthy worknight meals. It can be used in a similar way to ground chicken or ground beef, but is an especially good choice if you're looking for a very lean protein source. Ground turkey is chewier and a bit saltier than ground beef, with a drier texture, less fat content and less flavor. However, it's incredibly versatile and easy to spice up with some extra spices or veggies. These ground turkey recipes are the perfect way to use this healthy, variable ingredient.

Ground turkey is cut from light and dark turkey meat which is then ground up together. If it has more dark meat, there'll be a higher percentage of fat. On the other hand, more light meat will result in a leaner cut. Choose the cut that works best for you based on your recipe and preferences.

Along with being easy to use, turkey is full of health benefits. This ground meat is a great source of protein, vitamin B6, niacin and tryptothan. It's a great choice for a meal full of protein and low in carbs and fat. Plus, it's easy to make into a delicious meal, going great with veggies, spices and cheese. When you're looking to make a quick, easy dinner full of health benefits and delicious flavor, these 8 ground turkey recipes are the way to go.

1. Turkey Burger

Turkey burgers are one of the best ground turkey recipes, ideal for their easiness and yumminess. To make this weeknight dinner, you simply have to shape patties out of ground turkey, an egg, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and parsley. Then, cook the patties on a skillet until cooked through and golden brown. Serve on hamburgers buns with your favorite toppings, whether that's tomatoes, lettuce, or just cheese. The whole meal will be done in under 30 minutes!

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2. Turkey Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Linguine with Turkey Meatballs in a Marinara Sauce

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Another easy go-to is turkey meatballs in tomato sauce. This dinner recipe is a great comfort food, featuring parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, turkey of course, seasonings like oregano and basil, and an egg to hold them together. Add in extra garlic or red pepper flakes if you want more flavor, and serve with marinara sauce and pasta.

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3. Ground Turkey Meatloaf

Ground turkey meatloaf is a favorite recipe when it comes to ground turkey because of how classic and delectable it is. This turkey meatloaf recipe includes veggies like mushrooms and garlic, but feel free to add zucchini or bell peppers for an extra healthy recipe. it's flavored with garlic and Worcestershire sauce along with a healthy dollop of ketchup on top. The best part is, you can leave your meatloaf to bake in the oven while you relax with a beer or glass of wine.

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4. Turkey Chili

No list of ground turkey recipes would be complete without a recipe for turkey chili. This easy meal using lean ground turkey is a low-carb comfort food that can be made in your slow cooker. Turkey chili is full of spices and flavor, featuring cumin, cayenne pepper, oregano, garlic and chili powder. Top with cheese, avocado slices, tortilla chips, cilantro and sour cream to make it even yummier.

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5. Easy Ground Turkey Enchiladas

For a Tex-mex twist on your typical ground turkey recipes, ground turkey enchiladas are a great option. This easy ground turkey recipe involves ground turkey, seasonings, enchilada sauce, Mexican blend cheese, queso fresco and flour tortillas. Garnish with green onions, fresh cilantro and sour cream and serve with refried beans for a delicious, hearty meal.

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6. Turkey Lasagna

Lasagna is a crowd-pleasing recipe every time, no matter the time of year or occasion. This healthy ground turkey recipe uses turkey meat in place of the classic ground beef used in most lasagna recipes. You'll make your own basil tomato sauce full of tasty Italian spices, which is layered delectably with the ground turkey, creamy ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Feel free to use turkey sausage in place of ground turkey for extra flavor. As for the noodles, you can choose your classic lasagna noodles or buy a whole wheat or gluten free variety.

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7. Shepherd's Pie

Shapherd's Pie is a yummy choice for when you're feeling a warming comfort food. This recipe features potatoes, cheese, veggies, ground turkey, turkey or chicken broth, and flavorings like thyme, sage and garlic. It's ideal for an easy, delicious ground turkey recipe

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8. Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Another healthy ground turkey recipe perfect for a weeknight or a mealprep session is stuffed peppers. This is an easy way to eat a meal full of veggies, along with other healthy ingredients like wild rice and lean ground turkey. Shred sharp cheddar cheese on top for flavor and cheesiness and this tasty, easy recipe is hard to beat.

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