Southern Groom's Reaction to His Bride Walking Down the Aisle Will Warm Your Heart

Photos of a Tennessean groom reacting to his bride walking down the aisle are warming the hearts of users all over the internet. Micah Baker's tears of joy whilst his wife, Bailey, was making her way towards the altar in her wedding dress went viral following his sister-in-law, Rachael Swidan's, posting them to Twitter.

Swidan's post currently has nearly 9,000 retweets and over 38,000 likes at the time of writing. While it's true that the bride is usually the focal point of these occasions, it was Micah's look of true love and admiration towards his wife that have stolen the show. The photos have absolutely become the internet's highlight of their Aug. 5 wedding in Dandridge.

The groom's photos were captured by photographer Amber Lowe. We reckon will have plenty more work coming her way following the positive reaction that the world has had towards her shots of Baker. Lowe's site actually currently can't be reached. No doubt is this because of the sheer amount of traffic from eager brides and grooms now looking to book her services!

A video featuring the bride and groom's exchanging of vows is also making the rounds on social media. If you couldn't grasp how encompassing the Baileys' love for one another is by Lowe's photos alone, or if you simply can't get enough of this beautiful couple, you can catch the video posted by Brian Thomas below.

As for those wondering about the newlywed's first days as husband and wife, they are reportedly living the dream. We would like to congratulate Micah and Bailey on finally being able to affirm their love through marriage. Here's to many years of bliss to come!

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Southern Groom's Reaction to His Bride Walking Down the Aisle Will Warm Your Heart