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GroceryGripps Is Here to Save Your Wrists and Hands from Shopping Trips

We've all been a part of the Grocery Bag Olympics. You know, that event you take part in every time you've gone to the store and come back with way more plastic bags than you know what to do with. The rule of the event is simple: Carry as many grocery bags in both of your hands as you can to avoid multiple trips. An automatic gold medal to any participant who can carry all of their groceries up the stairs at once without breaking the bag handles.

And while I do love a good challenge, there's only so many times I can stand shlepping those shopping bags up the stairs to my apartment building. Thankfully the founder Patrick Hopple, a graduate from Boston University, decided he had had enough of carrying grocery bags to and from the store. In fact, during one grocery run his fingers actually went numb from holding the heavy bags.

May we introduce you to Grocery Gripps, the newest invention that makes carrying shopping bags, beach chairs, gym bags, dry cleaning, diaper bags and even tailgate supplies super simple and durable. The ergonomic design guarantees fewer trips from the car to your home, making one of life's annoyances disappear.

The technology behind the patent-pending invention focuses on balance and how the weight of the bags are spread evenly to target stronger muscle groups like your shoulders and wrists. By focusing weight on the strongest body parts of your arms, the various shopping bags automatically feel lighter and easier to manage.

Super compact and comparable to weight lifting straps, grocery gripps are a flexible product great to bring to the farmer's market, grocery store, or wherever you leave with more than one or two bags in hand. Just keep one in your car so you'll have it wherever you go.

Made of high quality abrasion-resistant nylon, this ergonomically-designed hands-free bag carrier is the product of your dreams. Use as a shoulder version or a wrist version and keep your hands free for opening doors and unlocking the car or house.

You can pick up this flexible product on Amazon here and you'll never have to carry painful loads ever again.

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