Grizzly Bear Gets Cuddles And a Back Rub


It might sound crazy to you, but to Jim Kowalczik it's just another day at the office. When Jimbo -- a 1,400 lb. grizzly bear resident at New York's Orphaned Wildlife Center -- needs a little TLC, his caretaker and best friend pays him the attention he deserves.

Originally the 20-year-old grizzly had been bred to be reintroduced to wildlife, but the orphanage quickly realized he wouldn't survive well in the wilderness. With Kowalczik's promise to take care of the cub in place, the staff decided he would become a permanent resident.

Jimbo isn't alone, however -- the center is host to 10 other Kodiak bears that its humanitarians and staff members make sure to take care of on a regular basis.

He might be the most famous, however, racking up 1000s of views on YouTube after being captured in the moment of his cute and cuddly ways. It's no wonder Jim and Jimbo don't have their own show together, with the obvious chemistry the two have and the organic attention they attract to one another.

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Grizzly Bear Gets Cuddles And a Back Rub