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The Grinch Stole Whataburger's Christmas Tree and Texas Police Are on the Case

It's not that hard to turn a frown upside down, especially when you work for the Seguin Police Department in Texas. Known for their inventive use of video to help alert the public of thieves, this year one theft felt particularly personal to the department. Apparently there is a Grinch in Whoville (Seguin) that is wreaking havoc on all things Christmas, starting with the theft of the local Whataburger's Christmas tree. And the Seguin PD are out to find him with the help of one classic Christmas tale.

Just past midnight, a Grinch in a Seattle Seahawks jersey was captured on film stealing the Whataburger Christmas tree, decorations and all. The Seguin PD created this hilarious video to help spread the word that there is a Christmas-spirit-stealin' man on the loose.

The following text appeared with the video, a call to action from the Seguin PD.

SPD Case# 17-64712
Theft of Property <$100 (aka Grinch)

The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
Seguin PD needs your help. We are in a pinch.
Identify this What-A-Burger GRINCH!

Hey Facebook Detectives and Whataburger fans, we need your assistance. A Christmas Grinch left Whoville and struck an all-time Texas favorite in town. The theft of a Whataburger Christmas tree occurred on 12/5 at 12:20 am. We're a bit upset about it cause the Grinch shown on video is most likely snickering at his "well thought-out plan" to steal from Whataburger. Yes we're being sarcastic...

We're asking for your assistance in identifying Grinch in this theft. When speaking to Whataburger staff, they told us their employees saved money to buy the tree and made the Christmas ornaments. It's a shame the Grinch decided to do what he did, but we have no problem arresting this "heartless-soul."

So, if you know this Grinch, we'd like to speak to him, then arrest him. Seriously. Wrapping our handcuffs around the suspect's wrists...JUST LIKE 'YOU' LIKE IT. We'll call ahead to the Guadalupe County Jail to make sure the Grinch's jumpsuit is extra orange... you know, WHATABURGER orange.

If you have information on this Grinch, please call the police department and speak to Officer Martina Wissmann at 830-379-2123 or contact our Investigations Division. If your tip leads to an arrest of the Grinch, we will throw in a Whataburger gift card. Guaranteed.

Make this Grinch famous.

-Officer C. Contreras

Do you know the Grinch in question? Whether or not you do, this is certainly one way to make sure that the Christmas spirit is returned in time. Over 16,000 people have viewed the video, though there are no solid leads just yet.

As Seguin Deputy Police Chief Bruce Ure told Texas Monthly about the video, "Our mission was to catch a crook, but we decided to have a little fun with it." So Texans, have you seen this Grinch? There's a free Whataburger gift card in it for you if you have.

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