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Song Premiere: Griffin House's Reflective and Hopeful 'Hindsight'

Since releasing his debut album Lost and Found in 2004, Ohio-native singer-songwriter Griffin House has made a name for himself as a striking and introspective songwriter poised for stardom. House's self-proclaimed "slow rise" is chronicled on his forthcoming album Rising Star (out June 28 via Evening Records).

"Hindsight," which Wide Open Country is premiering today, is a contemplative country-rocker that finds hope in lessons learned.

"Nightstand and an empty glass, cry out to a God who's time has past," House sings. "Still light a candle at the midday Mass, praying for a sign/ Am I a fool for waiting on a ship already gone/ I only see the damage done in hindsight." 

House says the song was inspired by a shared journey between him and his co-writer Brian Elmquist, a member of the band The Lone Bellow.

 "We both went on a similar journey of giving up alcohol, trying to continue our lives as musicians and staying sober," House says. "Brian is a big presence! Not only in physical stature but in personality. He lights up the room with warmth and good olboy Southern charm. You sense he comes from a place that hasn't been easy but somehow whatever hardship he has endured has only served to make him a more loving human being. 'I've been thinking lately, of a boy young and on the run' always makes me imagine Brian as a little boy with a dream, both running away from a hard past and on toward a brighter future. We formed a friendship through music and sobriety that helped a Yankee and a Rebel bond over a shared story and song."

Listen to "Hindsight" below.

Rising Star features appearances by singer-songwriter Joy Williams, multi-instrumentalist Paul Moak and Grammy-winning co-producer of Kacey Musgraves' Golden Hour Ian Fitchuk.

For more information on Griffin House, visit his official website.

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