Great-Great-Great Grandmother
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92-Year-Old Beats the Odds By Becoming a Great-Great-Great Grandmother

A 92-year-old in Canada recently earned herself the rare title of Great-Great-Great Grandmother. In case you were wondering, that means that her family has six generations all living at once, which is actually pretty rare.

Tish Lidstone is, of course, thrilled about her new title. "It's one of them things you thank God every day that you're alive and that you can live to see," the proud great-great-great grandma told CBC Radio's Island Morning.

This family achievement happened on Jan. 28, when Lidstone's great-great grandson, 17-year-old Morgan Wallace, welcomed his first child.

If you're curious just how many other six-generation living families there are out there, there aren't many. It's believed that there is only one other family like this in Canada, according to CBC News. At first, the group didn't know that their family situation was so uncommon. A quick Google search, however, changed that.

"I didn't know what to expect, honestly, but I was really pleased when CBC News got back to me," Janice Annand, the new baby's great-grandmother told Country Living.

To make this story even more heartwarming, the family all lives within 15 minutes of each other. "You just don't ever hear about it. It was a big deal when we had five generations and now to have the six, it's pretty amazing," Annand's daughter, Sherri-Lynn Wallace, said.

The photo above shows the family 17 years ago, when they were at the five generation milestone. The baby pictured is now the proud new father.

Congrats to the Lidstone and Wallace families and best wishes to the new parents.

Although six generations all living at once seems unheard of, the world record is actually seven. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, an American family achieved this in 1989. The great-great-great grandparent was 109 when the 7th generation grandson was born.

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