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Sam's Club is Selling Grapes That Taste Like Grape Soda

Table grapes are getting a makeover. When I was growing up grapes only came in two varieties: green and red. Some grapes were reserved for wine, and Concord grapes came as a jelly to partner with peanut butter. But that all changed this past couple of years with the introduction of naturally flavored grapes that tasted like your favorite carnival food. And today, Sam's Club announced a new flavor of grapes: grape soda grapes.

What are Grape Soda Grapes?

Sam's Club

Sold exclusively on Sam's Club shelves, Grape Soda Grapes are the newest sweet grapes to hit the shelves. Inspired by the intense sweet flavor of your favorite grape pop, this new non-GMO grape flavor is produced by cross-pollinating different grape varieties. One bite and you'll think you are sipping on a glass of your favorite grape soda.

The limited-time grape soda grapes will be available at all Sam's Clubs around the country but be sure to grab them while you can; these grapes with the unique tropical twist are sure to sell out quick.

Thankfully, there are a few other fun grape varieties you can pick up at Sam's Club while you are there. Of course, they have cotton candy grapes, but the store is also introducing a bushel of new and exciting grape flavors including:

Moon Drop Grapes - A fun table grape grown in a gravity-defying shape.

Candy Heart Grapes - These naturally-raised grapes taste like a mixture of raspberry and candy, making it hard to stop yourself from eating the whole bag in one sitting.

Candy Dream Grapes - This is what dreams are made of! These grapes taste like blackberry and plum candy.

Gum Drop Grapes - While they might be small, these purple globes deliver on taste! Enjoy the flavors of strawberry and candy in this poppable grape.

All of these grapes are exclusive to Sam's Club, so make sure to make a run over to the store before they are all gone.

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