Granger Smith, Chris Janson Join Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour

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Granger Smith must be enjoying the “big leagues,” because he’s about to open up for Luke Bryan. Smith joins Chris Janson, Jon Langston and the Peach Pickers as support on Bryan’s upcoming Farm Tour.

The eight-date tour takes place in farming communities across the South. Since the tour takes place during the busy farming season, the whirlwind dates happen in a span of eleven days.

Granger Smith of course got his start in Texas, playing lots of small bars across the state. Many of those venues also happen to be in farming communities. It’s safe to assume Bryan’s eighth annual Farm Tour will draw some of the biggest crowds Smith has ever played for. His alter-ego, Earl Dibbles Jr., also plays well with farmers and city boys alike.

Meanwhile, Chris Janson hopes to keep building on the success of his song “Buy Me A Boat.” And even if you’ve never heard of the Peach Pickers, you’ve definitely heard their songs. The Peach Pickers are comprised of songwriters Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip. That trio is responsible for countless No. 1 hits, both together and separately.

If you want to check out Bryan and the boys on the tour, head to his site for ticket info. Each ticket gets you a download of his upcoming EP, Here’s To The Farmer.

Luke Bryan’s 2016 Farm Tour Dates:

Oct. 5 – Gaston, S.C. @ Culler Farms (Smith, Janson, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 6 – Greenback, Tenn. @ Maple Lane Farms (Langston, Smith, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 7 – Elizabethtown, Ky. @ Highland Farms (Smith, Janson, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 8 – Monroeville, Ind. @ Spangler Farms (Langston, Smith, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 12 – Batesville, Miss. @ FT Farms (Langston, Janson, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 13 – Prairie Grove, Ark. @ Ogden Ranch (Langston, Janson, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 14 – Centralia, Mo. @ Stowers Farm (Langston, Janson, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 15 – Effingham, Ill. @ Mid America Motorworks (Langston, Janson, Peach Pickers)

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Granger Smith, Chris Janson Join Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour