See Your Favorite Country Stars Do the 'Mannequin Challenge' at the Opry

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Surely you've heard of the "Mannequin Challenge" by now, right? If not, it's pretty simple. Everybody holds their pose as if frozen in time while somebody films the whole scene. And the Grand Ole Opry just did one that will give you goosebumps.

If you haven't seen a video for the mannequin challenge, the Opry's is the best place to start. In it, a cameraman takes the viewer all the way from backstage to centerstage. This particular challenge features the Ryman Auditorium during one of the Opry's many "Opry at The Ryman" evenings.

Opry members, artists, employees, staff and fans all hold perfectly still to capture a moment in time. Which country music stars can you spot? We caught glimpses of Marty Stuart and the Brothers Osborne.

This particular challenge ends with the stagehands pulling the curtain back, giving the viewer a truly unique view of what goes on before singers take the stage. And very few get to see what it's like at the Ryman when the curtains swing open.

The challenge started with some high school students in Florida in October. The videos took off, with all sorts of actors, athletes, musicians and even politicians taking part.

The videos resemble scenes from a lot of the X-Men movies as of late, where time basically stands still. Others, including an improv group, also famously recorded videos years ago capturing the freeze-frame effect. But this one by the Grand Ole Opry takes the cake for country music lovers.

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See Your Favorite Country Stars Do the 'Mannequin Challenge' at the Opry