These Gourmet Pigs in a Blanket Will Change Brunch Forever

It's safe to say bacon is riding a massive wave of popularity these days. You can find it almost anywhere, whether it's deep fried or added into your favorite dessert. If you love bacon, French toast and the concept of pigs in a blanket, this new twist on an old favorite, from RecipeTin Eats, is guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Recipe Tin Eats
RecipeTin Eats

To make this glorious creation, all you need is a loaf of bread, bacon, one egg, milk and some salt. You'll just need to take your slices of bread, cut off the crusts and roll them out with a rolling pin. Put your cooked (keyword: cooked!) bacon inside on the flattened bread and roll them up. Then, you'll dip these little nuggets into a mixture of the egg, milk and salt. Cook until the roll-ups are a beautiful golden brown, sprinkle on some cinnamon and you have French toast-wrapped bacon bites ready to be devoured. If you really want to spice things up, add some dipping sauces like maple syrup, Nutella or cream cheese icing. Brunch will never be the same.

You can find the full recipe for this next-level breakfast food at RecipeTin Eats.

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These Gourmet Pigs in a Blanket Will Change Brunch Forever