Good Guys Rescue Trapped Bald Eagle, Take Awesome Selfie

Ah, the bald eagle. Nature's most majestic, patriotic and all-around awesome bird. Just the sight of one is enough to make me stand up and sing "America The Beautiful" with my hand over my heart.

Unfortunately, that doesn't stop totally lame people from leaving their hunting traps around, which can snare these beautiful, legally protected creatures.

That's exactly what happened when two Canadian brothers who were hunting grouse stumbled across a trapped eagle in the Ontario woods. Michael and Neil Fletcher told Buzzfeed Canada they saw the bald eagle struggling to free its talon from a trap. Michael Fletcher removed his jacket so the two could wrap up the eagle and free its leg.


The bald eagle must've known the men were trying to help, because Fletcher told Buzzfeed Canada it was "pretty calm," and "probably tired from trying to fight the trap."

Before the Fletcher's released the bird, they took an epic selfie and posted it as a Facebook profile picture. And I don't take the term "epic selfie" lightly. It's definitely a "Profile Pic of the Decade" candidate (an award I just made up).

The brothers then released this glorious and thankful bald eagle back into the wild. They snapped a video while freeing it, too, which you can see below. Michael and Neil Fletcher are officially honorary Americans, as far as I'm concerned.

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Good Guys Rescue Trapped Bald Eagle, Take Awesome Selfie