Gone West Shares the Story Behind 'Home is Where the Heartbreak Is' [Exclusive]


Four-piece country band Gone West released their debut album Canyons in June. The stellar album features a mix of breezy California-country anthems and downhome heartbreakers. Standout track "Home is Where the Heartbreak Is" is a little bit of both.

Bandmembers Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves, Nelly Joy and Justin Young wrote the tune with veteran Nashville songwriter Liz Rose.

Now, the band is sharing the story behind "Home is Where the Heartbreak Is" excusively with Wide Open Country readers.

Callait says Rose had been saving the song title for quite some time. Together, they wrote a song that reflected the hurt and confusion many of their friends were expereincing at the time.


"She had this song title idea that she said she'd been saving for a really long time," Caillat says. "We loved it. I think at the time we had a lot of friends going through heartbreak and breaking up and one friend talking about going through a divorce. It really hit us hard, because when a song can relate to you and therefore relate to people around you it can help you go through a tough situation. It made us instantly want to write it."

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Listen to "Home is Where the Heartbreak Is" below.


Gone West formed in 2018 when Caillat, who rose to fame with the hit 2007 pop single "Bubbly," teamed up with friend and award-winning Hawaiin music artist Young and married couple Reeves and Joy.

For more information on Gone West, visit their official website.

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