Gone West Delivers Sun-Soaked Country on Debut Album 'Canyons'

Nashville-based group Gone West is born out of friendship and dreams years in the making. The four-piece, made up of Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves, Nelly Joy and Justin Young, showcase their individual inspirations on debut album Canyons (out June 12 via Triple Tigers Records).

Caillat, who rose to fame with the hit 2007 pop single "Bubbly," teamed up with friend and award-winning Hawaiin music artist Young and married couple Reeves and Joy to form the band in 2018. The result is a 13-track collection of breezy, sun-soaked country and Laurel Canyon-inspired pop.

The band says Canyons captures the love, friendship, trials and triumphs of each bandmember.

"We are so in love with this album! We've been working on it for three years and have gone through so many ups and downs individually and together as a band," Gone West tells Wide Open Country. "We are all so proud of this body of work that is Canyons."


Canyons is the follow-up to Gone West's 2019 EP Tides.

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