Golden Labrador Makes Unlikely Friends with Tiny Bunny

David Jackson/YouTube

Who'd have thought a yellow labrador and a tiny wild baby bunny could be best friends?

Well that's exactly what happened when playful dog Meg met an adorably small bunny out in the wild, and it turns out the two four pawed creatures have struck up quite a cute friendship.

YouTuber David Jackson caught Meg and the little rabbit, who he affectionately revealed he named Little John Stamos in the video's description, striking up an unexpected friendship in a video posted to the site earlier this month.

In the video, adorably titled "Are YOU My Mother?!", the Labrador and his tiny new friend can be seen frolicking around the grass together before cementing their new bond by sweetly touching noses for a kiss.

Meg sweetly chases her new friend in the one minute long video as the bunny hops around in the grass - much to the dog's delight.

The heartwarming footage of the pair quickly went viral after Jackson uploaded the footage to his YouTube page last week, and has already been viewed more than 300,000 times on the video sharing site in less than six days.

Watch Meg and her tiny bunny friend enjoying some bonding time together in the video below.

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Golden Labrador Makes Unlikely Friends with Tiny Bunny