Glen Campbell's Manager Says New Music is Coming Soon

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Although Glen Campbell is no longer able to record or perform, his new manager hopes to bring more of his music to fans over the next few years.

According to Billboard, Campbell is now being represented by TK Kimbrell, who has represented Toby Keith for many years. Kimbrell's management company, TKO Management, still manages the legacy of late country artist Chris LeDoux, and also represents Campbell's daughter Ashley and son Shannon.

Kimbrell has been friends with the Campbell family for over 35 years, and says he hopes to give fans a taste of some of the country star's best unreleased music. Since Campbell is unable to perform due to his advanced Alzheimer's Disease, Kimbrell wants to keep his legacy going by sharing material from his vault.

"There's a lot of unreleased material through the years, dating all the way back to the early '60s and going up through modern-day [material]," Kimbrell says. "Glen was always recording and discovering new songs and songwriters. So I want to make sure that unexploited, unreleased music gets heard, and use [the new releases] to help young people discover those other great records that he made."

It's unclear when Kimbrell plans on putting this unheard music out into the public, but this news once again gives Campbell fans something to look forward to.

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Glen Campbell's Manager Says New Music is Coming Soon