Glen Campbell's funeral
Facebook/Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell Laid to Rest in Arkansas

Music icon Glen Campbell, who died from Alzheimer's disease on Tuesday, was laid to rest in a private funeral in his hometown of Delight, Arkansas on Wednesday, one day after his death.

In a post on his Facebook page Thursday evening, the Campbell family informed fans of Glen Campbell's funeral, and thanked them for their support. The post also stated that there will be a private memorial.

Delight, Arkansas, where Campbell was born and raised and now has been laid to rest is a small town. Its 300 or so residents credit Campbell with putting Delight on the map.

"I never called Glen, Glen. His nickname was Harry. We always called him Harry," Campbell's cousin, Harvey Edge told KTHV. Edge is the one who gave Campbell the dagger tattoo on his right bicep.

"I wasn't about 12, 13, he wanted a tattoo and bless his heart he'll go to the grave with it too so I gave him a tattoo. Got me some old sewing needles," he said. Edge has a matching tattoo on his left forearm.

Later on Edge thought better of the tattoo, and said to Campbell, "I said 'Glen, why don't you get that thing covered up?' He said 'I'm going to keep that all the time, it will remind me of you.' So that little dagger, now his daughter went and had one put on here,"

"It will affect the whole town to some point," Delight resident Randy Abbott told KTHV of Campbell's passing. Campbell's face adorns every sign headed into the town. Abbott also stated that the town is hoping to put together a museum dedicated to Campbell.

Campbell died on Tuesday (Aug. 8). He had been battling Alzheimer's disease since 2011.

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