Glen Campbell Moved to Alzheimer’s Care Facility

Country legend Glen Campbell has been admitted to a full-time Alzheimer’s care facility.

According to a new interview with Glen’s wife, Kim Campbell, the family made the tough decision to readmit him to the facility near their home in Nashville after giving him in-home care over the summer.

Over a seven-week period earlier this year, Glen’s wife, their children, nephew Matthew Monier and family friend Brody Wooton joined together to take care of Campbell at his home. After facing the challenges of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, they chose to place him back into professional care.

“I always wanted to bring him home and give it another try because I miss him so terribly,” Kim Campbell told People. “It was just more than I could handle. He’s the sweetest person in the world, but he becomes combative when you try to change his clothes or bathe him. It really wasn’t the best situation.”

79-year-old Campbell is now in stage six of seven categorized for the disease, which means that he needs assistance with most tasks and can only communicate with single words or short phrases. Monier and Wooton have taken on full-time jobs at Campbell’s facility, allowing them to constantly be with their loved one.

Kim Campbell says her husband is usually “sweet and content,” and “just loves being with people.” At times, she sees glimpses of his old, energetic personality. Kim says he will “tear up and bite his lower lip and just say ‘I love you.'” For Kim, it’s a bittersweet gift. It just rips your heart out because you feel like every time you have that moment, it might be your last.”

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Glen Campbell Moved to Alzheimer’s Care Facility