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Glen Campbell Receives Historic Award Honoring His Incredible Guitar Skills

Glen Campbell just added to his astonishing list of feats. The National Guitar Museum just named the Rhinestone Cowboy as its newest recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award.

Campbell is the first country artist named to the receive the prestigious award. Previous Lifetime Achievement Award recipients include blues legend B.B. King, metal hero Toni Iommi and Buddy Guy.

While Campbell earned his way into hearts and minds through his solid country writing and infallible charm, he can also absolutely shred a guitar. Ever since his early work in the mid-1950s, Campbell impressed colleagues with his stellar strumming skills.

As with many great players, Campbell got his name out as a session musician in Los Angeles during the 1960s. But he later landed a recording contract and eventual made TV appearances, where his skills really got a chance to shine.

Seriously, check out minute 2:15 in the above video. Those skills make even metal heads pick up their jaws.

Of course, snagging a record-setting four Grammy's in 1967 (two for country, two for pop) also helped. As he transitioned into the 1970s with his own show, Campbell's legacy as a monster player was set.

The National Guitar Museum Lifetime Achievement Award goes to players who contributed to "the legacy of the guitar." Additionally, recipients have "a singular historical importance to the development and historical appreciation of the instrument."

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Without doubt, Glen Campbell set the bar for country guitar players as a true virtuoso of his instrument. Museum founder HP Newquist noted his many talents in a press release, saying, "Glen is best known for his singing and performing career," he explains. "But equally important is his stellar guitar legacy which goes back nearly 60 years." He calls Campbell's virtuosity an "essential component" of recorded music.

Newquist also noted Campbell's health, saying it's important now more than ever to recognize the great player. He hopes to also bring more awareness to those suffering from Alzheimer's.

The National Guitar Museum was founded by Newquist in 2009. Currently, the museum puts on traveling exhibits throughout the country until they settle on a final permanent location.

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