Glen Campbell's Estate Might Not Be Worth as Much as You'd Think

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After Glen Campbell passed in August 2017, news concerning his estate has been circulating. This has included stories about the presence of only five out of his eight children listed in the will and his widow filing a claim for over $500K from the estate to pay medical bills. Also, initial reports stated that his assets combined came to around $50 million, but now, his estate is said to be worth around $410K.

The Tennessean writes that Campbell's accountant and manager Stanley B. Schneider (who was appointed administrator ad litem by a judge earlier this year) filed paperwork that says Campbell's combined assets reached a lower amount than many expected. The claim says stake in AZPB Limited Partnership holds the most value at $296,164, interest in AZ Baseball Broadcast Holdings totals $3,464 and the combined total of two bank accounts reaches $959. Also, funds from Glen Campbell Music Inc and Glen Campbell Enterprises comes to a total of $109,634.

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Additionally, Schneider listed debts for state and federal taxes and legal fees totaling $118,200. He also recorded that $43,448 of royalties were paid to the estate in the eight months following Campbell's death and $76,000 more is owed.

Between will contests and filed claims, the legal turmoil surrounding Campbell's estate is expected to continue for some time.

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Glen Campbell's Estate Might Not Be Worth as Much as You'd Think