Glen Campbell's Career Comes Full Circle in New Video for 'Adiós'

In the new video for Glen Campbell's song "Adiós," the country legend's long and celebrated career comes to a close after one last trek down the road.

Directed by Peter Zavadil, the clip features multiple generations of the Campbell family, including his daughter, Ashley, and grandson Jeremy Olson. Glen is represented by clips from throughout his career, as well as his guitar, which makes its way across the country for the last time.

"In my view, "Adios" is Glen's farewell to the spotlight. I wanted the music video to reflect those sentiments," Zavadil said in a press release. "The guitar is a symbol of Glen's legacy...a 'spiritual baton' as it were, carried on by all those influenced by his music, beginning with one of his daughters and ending with one of his grandsons. The fact that no one will ever hold a match to Glen's skill on the guitar is memorialized by giving his guitar a proper 'Viking Funeral' on the California coast. The project truly was an honor and an adventure."

Watch the moving video below.

Campbell is currently in the final stages of Alzheimer's Disease, which has robbed him of the ability to play or perform music. Adiós was recorded shortly after he was diagnosed with the illness in 2012.

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Glen Campbell's final studio album, Adiós, is available in stores and online now.

"Adiós" Lyrics:

Ran away from home when I was seventeen
To be with you on the California coast
Drinking margaritas all night in the old cantina
Out on the California coastDon't think that I'm ungrateful
And don't look so morose
Adios, adiosWe never really made it baby
But we came pretty close
Adios, adiosGoing up north where the hills are winter green
I got to leave you on the California coast
Going where the water's clear and the air is cleaner
Than the California Coast

Our dreams of endless summers
Were just too grandiose
Adios, adios

And I'll miss the blood red sunset
But I'll miss you the most
Adios, adios
Adios, adios
Adios, adios

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