glass bottom pool
Screengrab via FB Video

Texas Hotel's Video of New Glass Bottom Pool Goes Viral

Are you scared of heights? A video of this Texas pool, hanging 500 feet above the ground, is going viral and is making many viewers very queasy.

Located in Houston, the 42-story-high glass bottom pool is now a social media sensation after the Market Square Apartments posted a clip filmed from the structure on their Facebook pageThe insane video has already attracted over 2 million views.

Many people might pass on this pool because of its unnerving clear bottom. But others see it as the perfect place to view the city while cooling off from the Texas heat.

As swimmers and travelers enjoy the gut-wrenching view, they are protected by the 8-inch thick plexiglass. Now, don't worry. The entire pool does not have a glass bottom, so if you're not a fan of heights, you can still happily enjoy a swim.

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So could you face your fears and dive in? Because the incredible view just might be worth it. Sadly, the pool is open to residents only, so you might want to keep it in mind if you plan on moving to Houston any time soon.

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