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Cozy & Cute Glamping Tent Ideas for Your Next Music Festival


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Before you get that Airbnb or Vrbo for a music festival, consider camping instead. I'll be honest, camping on fest grounds isn't for the weak, but if the weather is nice, you have a chill friend group, and the ultimate glamping tent, it'll make for a nice weekend. We rounded up everything you'll need for a fabulous glamping experience, whether you're at a music festival, state park, or your own backyard!

DIY glamping will be quite pricey, but you can always save all your gear for your next camping trip or glamping trip).

What is Glamping says, "Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury." Think of luxury camping as staying in fancy cabins, trailers, domes, cottages, teepees, and more. These accommodations are very different from your average tent. In fact, it might even be a bit rare to sleep in a sleeping bag at a glamping site.


Typically, there's no problem fitting a full-sized bed or comfy cot inside a treehouse cabin, glamper (glamping camper), or a large teepee. (If that hasn't sold you on a glamourous camping experience yet, I don't know what will.)

The ambiance is a bit different as well. If you're camping in a dome or treehouse, your view might be snowy mountains instead of your typical campsite view.

For many, glamping is truly about enjoying the fresh air but taking your getaway up a notch with a comfy sleep situation, better views, and amenities. Who says you can't enjoy a hot tub at your cabin?

If you're interested in glamourous camping, check out our friends over at Wide Open Roads to learn more.


Which Festivals Can You Camp At

Here's a quick look at several festivals you can camp at. If you've never been "glamourous camping" before, you can have a DIY glamping trip while enjoying your favorite artists, food, and company.

Of course, there are many more festivals around the country that offer campsites, including Coachella.

So, grab your tickets once they're on sale, and go splitsies on glamping accessories with your friends and family! It's time to glamp.

Glamping Tent Ideas For Music Festivals

Best Tent

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent 

The cheapest option is under $600, perfect for three people. However, consider the six to eight-person tent if you have a big group.


The tent is made from 100% cotton, making it breathable. The tent is waterproof, UV resistant, and has a fire-retardant finish.

There is a sewn-in PE groundsheet, a 5-inch wide stove jack opening, and four vents for extra ventilation. Cooking in this tent will be safe with all those features. Just keep in mind not every single festival will allow a fire pit or propane camping stove. Check with your festival camping Q&A page first.

Tent or palace? A five-star review: "East Texas has been having some pretty awful thunderstorms and tornadoes. The tent has been setting out there riding out these crazy storms without a single drop of water. I would give it 8 stars if I could. Thanks"


Ivation EZ-Bed (Full Size) Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case 

We recommend just a regular ol' air mattress or sleeping bag, but if you really want to experience glamorous camping, you might want to choose to sleep off the floor.


A family friend raves about this bed, saying she uses it for her office/guest room. It inflates and deflates in less than four minutes. There are also options for comfort (plush, medium, and firm).

This is the perfect bed for backyard glamping. The kiddos will love how comfy this bed is!

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REDCAMP 3ft Folding Picnic Tables with 2 Stools Set

We recommend that everyone bring their favorite camping chair and use a small side table, but if you have the room, consider this table and stool set from Amazon.


It's beyond perfect for couples going tent glamping. The 3-foot folding table is adjustable (choose between the low or high setting). The stools weigh 2.6lbs and support up to 300lbs.

Inflatable Hammock

Grab this inflatable hammock for the camping tent. It's the perfect cool-down station for the day.

It only weighs two pounds and is waterproof! Such an underrated piece of camping gear. An inflatable hammock is a must for family camping. It's great for fussy kids to hang out in if they get too warm or sleepy.

Choose from 16 options.



Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower

Showers will typically be provided at festival campsites, but if you'd rather not leave the cabin tent, just grab a solar shower bag and a privacy tent.

As long as you keep this bag in the sun, you'll have hot water. It can heat up to 110 degrees in under three hours in direct sunlight. Truly one of the coolest gadgets for keeping clean outdoors.

It has a 5-gallon capacity and even has a toiletry pouch for a few essentials. You'll love the easy-to-use ON/OFF shower head to save water.

Camping Wipes

Camping wipes. A simple hack for cooling down and freshening up all weekend long in between showers.


These biodegradable wipes are a game-changer! Alcohol-free, unscented, and perfect for sensitive skin.

Tent Fan With Light

This $20 tent fan is a must for hot weather. There are three wind speeds. It can run for 6-25 hours after being fully charged (depending on the wind speed). The compact size and 180-degree rotation make it worth it, along with it being an awesome backup power source for charging your phone.

It'll come in handy at night.

Coleman Cooler

A cooler is a must. Especially a cooler that rolls and weighs under two pounds. It can keep ice frozen up to five days in temps as high as 90 degrees.


Pack the essentials like water and snacks. Your festival campsite will have food and water available all day but may break overnight and resume serving food in the morning. Pack extra food for snacking at night or if you have diet restrictions.


Fairy Lights

Battery-operated string lights add a perfect amount of glam to a canvas tent. Place them around your campsite, it'll make it easy for your friend group to find your tent after a long day of hanging out!


Not all campsites will allow a rug, but if they do, consider adding one to glam up your tent space. It'll make a huge difference!

Authentic Mexican Blanket - Picnic Blanket

These gorgeous Mexican blankets are my favorite. They're authentic and will keep you warm if the temp drops at night. Plus, they'll look pretty draped over your furniture.



If you're taking an older foldable table and want to cover up scuffs or want the tent space to look extra glamorous, consider a tablecloth.

Seat Cushions

Seat cushions will add a luxury feel while also making the tent look fabulous. Totally optional, but we love them.

Be sure to check out festival FAQs before purchasing items for car camping. Some items are prohibited, so you may or may not be able to roast s'mores, bring liquor or beer that is not inside a can, certain furniture pieces, and more.

For more glamping tent ideas, consider truck tents or inflatable car mattresses. Work with what you got if necessary!


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