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Girl Scout Cookie Knockoffs You Can Buy Year-Round

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Kim Kardashian recently captioned a selfie, "They can steal your recipe but the sauce won't taste the same." That's probably what Girl Scouts think when they see Girl Scout knockoff cookies. (Kidding.)

We definitely encourage y'all to buy Girl Scout Cookies if you're a fan! Troop proceeds are needed, plus we're sure the girls feel great when they make their sales goals. However, we aren't opposed to buying copycat Girl Scout cookies from the grocery store as well.

When Is Girl Scout Cookie Season

It varies by community. You can enter your zip code here to learn more about when and where to find Girl Scout cookies near you. However, Girl Scout Cookies can usually be found in January through April.

Where Does Revenue Go writes, "Cookie program revenue is a critical source of funding for Girl Scout councils to deliver essential programming to troops and is often what makes it possible to reach girls in underserved areas and maintain camps and properties."

If you missed the season or simply just need your Thin Mints fix in the summer, we get it. We're also big fans. And as much as we stock up in early spring, the cookies just don't last long in big households. So, we rounded up our favorite Girl Scout Cookie knockoffs along with links where to buy them.

Some are available at Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers. I've tried many of the knockoff flavors and can attest that they're top-notch copycats!

If you'd like to give DIY Girl Scout Cookies a go, then check out these copycat recipes from

Who Makes Girl Scout Cookies

ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers.

Thin Mints Knockoff

Okay, these aren't the real thing obviously, but they're pretty darn close. They're way cheaper than Thin Mints and so yummy. These were the first knockoffs I tried, and they passed the taste test.

A five-star review: "Love these as well as the coconut ones. Took them to work and had my co workers taste test and they couldn't tell the difference between the expensive girl scout cookies and these."

Caramel deLites (Samoas) Knockoff

Here's another GS cookie flavor Great Value got right. The caramel coconut & fudge cookies taste so similar to Caramel deLites. Actually, I don't think I'd be able to tell the difference.

A five-star review: "My husband's favorite. Taste just like girl scout cookies but WAY less and you can get them all year!"

Caramel Chocolate Chip Knockoff

We haven't tried these, but if you're eager for caramel chocolate chip cookies, we recommend trying Walkers salted & milk chocolate chunk shortbread cookies.

Lemonades Knockoff

There are plenty of lemon-flavored cookies on the market. You can't go wrong with Oreo cookies though, especially if you like to lick the icing off cookies!

Lemon-Ups Knockoff

Similar to Lemonades, minus the icing. These crunchy cookies will satisfy your crispy lemon cravings, making these the best dupes for Lemon-Ups.

Shortbread | Trefoils Knockoffs

Shortbread cookies are available at most grocery stores, so you have plenty of options for Shortbread | Trefoil knockoffs. However, we love Keebler Sandies!

We also recommend Lorna Doone's Shortbread cookies!

Do-si-dos | Peanut Butter Sandwich Knockoff

Peanut butter fans rejoice, here's the perfect copycat cookie for your tastebuds. (Shoutout to Amazon for hopping on the dupe trend.) We love these cookies.

A five-star review: "I ate the whole package already. They remind me of the peanut butter girl scout cookies. . im tbinking about ordering some more ."

Girl Scout S'mores Knockoff

Goodie Girl? Girl Scouts? Sounds very similar, but is the taste similar? We're not exactly sure, but we bet these are the best knockoffs for Girl Scout S'mores cookies.

Peanut Butter Patties (Tagalong) Knockoff

Peanut Butter Patties fans have two options to choose from. If you love Nutter Butters, this is your pick. However, Great Value didn't miss the mark either. Personally, I'd go with Walmart's Fudge-covered peanut butter cookies. They're extremely close to the real deal.

A five-star review: "Pretty darn close to the perfect cookie. Reminds me of the girl scout cookie"

For Toast-Yay! cookies, we recommend following a copycat recipe. As for Toffee-tastic cookies, try Walkers Luxury Chocolate & Toffee Shortbread Cookies. Walkers said to give their cookies a shot if you're a fan of Girl Scout Cookies!

In the meantime, we'll be on the lookout for an Adventurefuls knockoff!

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