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Netflix's New 'Ginny & Georgia' Looks Like 'Gilmore Girls' Meets 'Virgin River'

The upcoming Netflix series Ginny & Georgia is drawing some major comparisons to the popular mother-daughter drama Gilmore Girls after viewers caught a first look with the show's new trailer. Centered around a teenage girl's relationship with her 30-year-old mother, it's easy to see why. But it seems like the upcoming drama will have a lot more darkness and depth than its predecessor, doing its best to really reflect the drama females can go through in a realistic way. The show looks like it won't mess around with addressing some tough topics, similar to Netflix's hit drama, Virgin River.

"We wanted to make a grounded show with real teenagers, real emotions, and honesty," creator and executive producer Sarah Lampert told Glamour.

"Fifteen-year-old girls go through a lot. Like, a hell of a lot. Something we talked about a lot in the writers' room is that everyone is fighting a battle that you can't see. And although our characters are flawed, we treat them with compassion, which is something the world needs more of right now. We weren't really interested in labeling our characters 'right' and 'wrong' or passing judgment on them, but instead wanted to explore their gray areas."

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The show stars Antonia Gentry as 15-year old Ginny Miller with Brianne Howey starring as her mother, Georgia Miller. Along with little brother Austin (Diesel La Torraca), the family has spent years on the run and attempts to settle down for a normal life in a picturesque New England town in Massachusetts. The small town definitely has Stars Hollow vibes but this mother-daughter duo seems quite different from Rory and Lorelai Gilmore

Showrunner Debra J. Fisher tells Glamour that the goal of the show is "to be a fun, feel-good ride about women, by women, for everyone; one that depicted a nuanced and complicated mother-daughter relationship, and layered female friendships in a way that isn't always seen in shows."

Friday Night Lights star Scott Porter co-stars along with Jennifer Robertson, Felix Mallard, and Raymond Ablack. Mark your calendars for February 24 when the show will officially debut on Netflix!

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