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This Gin Could Make You Look Years Younger

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A great tasting gin cocktail can quench your thirst and loosen you up, but could it also make you look younger?

The makers of Anti-aGin (get it?) claim that their brand of gin could help eliminate your wrinkles. The alcohol blend includes "age-defying" botanicals and digestable collagen, which our bodies tend to naturally lose over time. As the collagen in our bodies decrease, our skin can lose its firmness and create wrinkles.

In theory, by ingesting more collagen, you could lessen the appearance of wrinkles. According to Mashable, eating and drinking products with added collagen has become a huge trend in Japan over the past few years.

There's no scientific evidence to prove that chugging a few shots of Anti-aGin could make you look ten years younger, but the possibility is a nice bonus.

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This Gin Could Make You Look Years Younger