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Gift Guide: 10 Timeless Kitchen Necessities Every Home Cooks Needs

If you fear getting a kitchen item for someone on your gift list, it's time to conquer that fear. Oftentimes, kitchen items are some of the last things that home cooks buy for themselves because the best home cooks you know are always giving their all to others. Turn the table on them this year and surprise them with a classic piece that can live on their kitchen counter and earn its place among their most coveted items.

Treat your favorite home cook this year with these 10 timeless kitchen necessities.

1. The perfect multi-purpose board,

A classic hardwood cutting board never goes out of style. While this heavy-duty cutting board has enough room to handle some serious chopping, this hardwood cutting board is so beautiful, it works perfectly as a serving plate, as well. Cheese or otherwise, this is one gift that will last forever.

Find the gift here.

2. The coffee lover's favorite French press,

This classic 8-cup French press will last a lifetime in a kitchen, even one where it's used daily. The classic look makes it a perfect countertop item - you'll turn any coffee machine maestro into a French press lover in a heartbeat.

Gift with a bag of your favorite coffee grounds, and find the gift here.

3. The minimalist's wooden spoon set,

It may seem counterintuitive to offer a five-piece set to a true kitchen minimalist, but the fact is that wooden utensils are so multi-functional, you can never have too many. Their classic look makes them long-lasting and they never look too shabby as serving spoons, either.

Find the gift here. The best part? It comes in its own adorable packaging.

4. The classic bowls that fit anywhere,

These latte bowls are timeless organizers. They can gloriously hold candy for holiday gatherings, ingredients in the middle of large baking or cooking project, cereal in the morning, or stack neatly away in the cupboard for their next time of use.

For a set of six, these are perfect. Find the gift here.

5. The most important pot you'll ever own,

This 6-quart Dutch oven is a kitchen necessity and one that, with care, will last for decades. A classic grey or white will fit into any design aesthetic, but the colors Lodge offers are swoon-worthy, especially Lagoon. From brewing mulled wine to making a big batch of soup, the Dutch oven really does it all.

Find this gift here.

6. The one tool every cook needs in their arsenal,

The Imarku Professional 8-inch chef's knife is one of the best investments any home cook can make and at only $29.99, it's an absolute steal for how long these knives stay sharp. Personal testimony: This is the best knife I have ever owned, period.

Find this gift here.

7. The kitchen towels that withstand the dryer,

Not only is this 15-pack of pure cotton kitchen towels machine washable, but they make the perfect cheesecloths on a double duty. While they are all-white, they are just about stain-resistant and no one can have too many multi-purpose kitchen towels.

Find the gift here.

8. The pepper mill that's earned its place on the table,

Freshly cracked pepper is the only way to enjoy pepper and we have Alton Brown's third season of Good Eats to thank for that knowledge. So gift your favorite cook a beautiful pepper mill that won't mess up the tablescape but instead add to it. The color options are endless, and this is one item that you can be sure will last forever.

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9. The baker's best friend,

Marble pastry boards are not nearly as popular as they should be. When chilled in the refrigerator, marble helps to keep dough from sticking, something that is invaluable to any bakers in your life. The best part? They are simply too beautiful to hide away.

Find the gift here.

10. The one skillet everyone needs, no matter what,

Carbon steel is the unsung hero of kitchen materials as it heats quickly and retains heat amazingly well. This pre-seasoned 12-inch pan is what you'll want to make every single meal in, night after night. From steaks to a breakfast hash, this is the one skillet everyone should own.

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