This Giant Sunflower Is a Record-Breaking Gift From Mother Nature


Sunflowers are one of the cheeriest and brightest flowers that exist, but this one is a gardener's dream.

This 30-foot, 1-inch tall plant stands tall in the town Karst in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany and is now officially the tallest sunflower in the world. According to Guiness World Records, the plant has been cared for by Hans-Peter Schiffer, a gardener who has grown several record-breaking plants since 2009.

The sunflower almost didn't make it through a severe thunderstorm, which stripped away some of its leaves.

"It was a very sad day for me because the hail destroyed nearly all the leaves," The gardener said. "But nevertheless, my sunflowers continued growing."

The local fire brigade was called in to help with the process of measuring the sunflower, which was supported by a towering multi-level scaffolding platform. Even though it's broken a record, Schiffer thinks he can grow a plant even taller than his current crown jewel.

"Some sunflowers are already so unbelievable tall, that it could be very possible to get even a taller one," Schiffer explained. "I am already very happy."

His incredible gardening skills have helped to bring a little bit more cheer into all of our lives with this beautiful sight. Check out the video above to learn more about this record-breaking gift from mother nature.

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This Giant Sunflower Is a Record-Breaking Gift From Mother Nature