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You Could Be the Owner of This 1800s Ghost Town


A charming ghost town in Connecticut could be yours for $1.9 million. Founded in 1802, Johnsonville is a 62-acre community that features some beautiful and historic structures.

According to, the town first came under ownership during the 1960s. During that time, a millionaire purchased the village and turned it into a tourist attraction. He kept the land until his death. In 2001, the land once again found a new owner, but the development of the area didn't happen. Now, it's back on the market and looking for a new caretaker.


Today, many of the abandoned town's homes and buildings are still in excellent condition, but some could use a little love. According to the listing agent, the town has an "absolutely fabulous barn, former bank/post office, general store, school, church, restaurant and several homes." There's even an amazing waterfall to enjoy as well!


During its heyday, Johnsonville had some twine mills that were powered by the nearby Moodus River. Eventually, that industry dried up, and the people of the city moved on with their lives. Now, it's time to create the town into something new again so that others can enjoy the history it has to offer.


A few of the buildings aren't original to the city, however. Experts say that the man who bought the town, Raymond Schmitt, brought in some vintage buildings. Along with a Victorian stable, he brought in a chapel and was able to hold some weddings in the town over the years.


Schmitt amassed a vast collection of antiques and 1800s memorabilia that he used to decorate the town. After his death in 1998, executors of his estate sold them off. However, the area has seen minimal interest from buyers. Hopefully this time, the city will find a buyer who is willing to take on the challenges of running a quaint ghost town.

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