This Simple DIY Will Get Rid of Mosquitoes for Just a Dollar

Are you on a budget but want to protect yourself from being covered in itchy bites this summer? This easy and affordable DIY project will save your sanity over the next few months.

Since the summer season is now in full swing, you'll probably be spending more time than ever outdoors. Unfortunately, mosquitoes also love this time of year and tend to hang around whenever we are outside, especially in the evening hours.

Never fear, nature lovers! YouTube user Paul Pyro has come up with an ingenious life hack that allows you to spend all day outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes.

To start this project, you will need an egg carton, a Phillips screwdriver and a box of matches. With these items, you can create a smoker system that completely rids the area of these pesky bugs.

Aside from being a fun family project, this inexpensive DIY helps to keep your family safe and comfortable. Not only do mosquitoes create itchy bumps that last for days, but they can also introduce diseases. Having a safe system to keep them away is the best way to make sure you avoid these situations.

Now, go forth and enjoy your summer without fear of being bitten!

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This Simple DIY Will Get Rid of Mosquitoes for Just a Dollar