Get to Know Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Fountation

Miranda Lambert uses her platform to end pet suffering and homelessness

Country music is known as a genre that gives back. Miranda Lambert, a feisty, strong female artist, has a soft spot for taking in stray dogs and helping them find homes. In 2007, Lambert and her mother Bev founded MuttNation Foundation, a donation-supported organization working to end pet suffering and homelessness in the U.S. and abroad.

MuttNation Foundation partners with animal shelters and other organizations to provide spay and neuter programs, medical treatments, increase adoptions, reduce euthanasia of healthy animals, build animal shelters for better care and improve the lives of animals overall. As a family founded nonprofit, Bev and Miranda Lambert work hard to ensure every dollar donated goes to the improvement of life for animals.

“I feel so blessed to be able to continue the work of MuttNation Foundation in aiding and assisting animals in need,” Lambert said. “Aside from music, this is my biggest passion in life, and I find it so rewarding to help end animal suffering and homelessness.”

Through donations, merchandise sales, events, partnerships and benefit concerts, MuttNation Foundation raises funds to help animals. On their Facebook page, there’s a link to easily donate to the nonprofit. Lambert’s official website includes a store to purchase MuttNation Foundation branded t-shirts, including one that says “I kissed a mutt and I liked it.”

Lambert’s fans, who refer to themselves as “Ran fans,” have played an integral role in the success of MuttNation Foundation. One of the foundation’s initiatives, Ran’s Animal Care Express (RACE Team), delivers adopted pets to long distance homes. The RACE Team successfully delivered eight pets across the United States in 2013. Additionally, MuttNation’s Paws Team consists of Lambert fans who distribute aid to families who cannot afford their pets’ medical bills. They have assisted seven pets in need so far. The RACE and Paws Team are funded through grants from MuttNation Foundation.

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MuttNation Foundation is also on call when tragedy hits. In 2013, when terrible tornadoes went through Oklahoma, many animals were lost, in need of rescue and medical services. This tragedy hit close to home for Texas natives Bev and Miranda. In an effort to help, donations through Paypal or mail went directly to Oklahoma animal relief. Pedigree, the foundation’s main partner, also donated 73 tons of dog, cat and horse food and sent the Banfield Pet Hospital mobile unit to assist with relief efforts.

Ram Trucks
Ram Trucks

Additionally, MuttNation Foundation donated all proceeds from their 6th Annual Cause for the Paws concert in 2013 to Oklahoma relief efforts. Cause for the Paws is the organization’s main annual benefit concert. Every year, country artists join Lambert to support her project through performing at the benefit concert. The Cause for the Paws event raises funds through ticket sales, live and online auctions, raffle tickets, vendors services and private donations. In October of 2014, MuttNation Foundation moved the 7th annual event from their home states of Texas and Oklahoma to Las Vegas. MuttNation Foundation brought in $628,148 at that event alone.

One of MuttNation Foundation’s most recent projects was revamping Tishomingo, Oklahoma’s animal shelter into a five-acre Redemption Ranch, a no-kill facility that can house up to 50 animals. “Redemption Ranch is doing so well. We just crossed our six-month anniversary. You know, we took over from the city; they were doing the best job they could do. We fought through that for about five years … but we finally just bit the bullet,” Bev Lambert told News OK. “So they leased it to us on I think it’s a five-year lease for a dollar. And we took it over and renovated it.”

MuttNation Foundation also brings the animals to the fans. MuttNation Foundation Road Shows were held at Lambert’s recent Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Dallas shows. The pre-show events bring adoptable dogs, offer microchipping and sell MuttNation Foundation merchandise.

With Lambert’s star power and love for animals leading the force, MuttNation Foundation has improved the lives of many animals. “Ran fans” have joined in their efforts, they’ve attracted the attention of major brands and their events continue to grow. Lambert’s efforts are the perfect example of how artists can use their image and passion to benefit a great cause.

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Get to Know Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Fountation