Exclusive: Hanging with the Josh Abbott Band at the Austin Rodeo

If you know Texas country music, you know the Josh Abbott Band. You’ve sung along to the hits ( “She’s Like Texas,” “Oh, Tonight,” and “My Texas,” to name a few) and you’ve seen them perform at theaters, festivals and dance halls across the vast state. But how well do you know the guys in the band?

Their newest release, Front Row Seat, has helped pushed them to the national stage — they’ll perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live this May — but their roots are here in Texas. So what better place to catch them in their element than at a Texas cultural institution?

We hung out with the guys before their headlining show at the Austin Rodeo to learn more about who they are as a band, how they get along, and their journey together so far. We also had a chance to play some carnival games with them — let’s just say the mechanical bull was not their strong suit. Watch the hijinks and clips of their rocking set in this exclusive video.

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