The Germiest Thing In Your Kitchen Isn't What You'd Expect

A new survey says a common household item is by far the dirtiest thing in your kitchen.

According to a new study, something you may not think twice about may be the dirtiest item in your kitchen. So what's the surprising culprit? It's your dish towel.

The study examined 23 participants who prepared meals with raw meat. Most of the participants did not follow common safety rules to prevent cross contamination, especially when using objects like dish towels in between working with food items. Dish towels were found to be the most often used item during the process. Even though participants washed their hands multiple times, they used the same dirty towel to wipe off afterwards, which made the washing process useless. If the towel is left uncleaned overnight, bacteria can multiple and become even more unhealthy to use.

Researchers recommend using disposable paper towels to clean during cooking to avoid recontamination. However, if you absolutely love your dish towel, just try to throw it in the washer after each use.

You can find out more about the entire study at ScienceDaily.

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The Germiest Thing In Your Kitchen Isn't What You'd Expect