This Georgia Treehouse is Airbnb's Most Desired Property in the World

According to Airbnb, their most wish-listed property in the world is a 15-year-old backyard treehouse in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.

Nestled deep in the woods, the treehouse was designed and built by Peter Bahouth. As an active environmentalist, Bahouth used recycled materials for its construction including 80-year-old salvaged butterfly windows that let in a gentle breeze.

The popular hideaway is made up of three parts, each connected by a rope bridge strung with lights to lead the way. Bahouth named all three parts of the treehouse, "Mind", "Body", and "Spirit." Each one has its own unique characteristics.

The "Mind" treehouse is the main living area. In it, you'll find comfortable seating, a rustic coffee table and an assortment of antique accents.


The bedroom area is in the "Body" portion and it includes a bedframe that can be wheeled outside onto a platform for those clear nights guests may want to sleep beneath the stars.


The final part of the treehouse, "Spirit", is where you'll find a circular deck with wooden seating built for 10. The deck was built around a 150-year-old Southern Pine. The bathroom is just a short walk to the main house.

"Soul" -

Even with the newfound publicity of its No. 1 ranking, Bahouth doesn't plan to make any changes for eager guests.

He says his main goal is for "people to have a good experience," which means he'll stick to his couples only, no kids or dog policy.


Couples interested in the treehouse experience can rent it out for around $350 a night with a two-night minimum, but the wait may be a while. It already books out months in advance and stays vacant until the springtime when the leaves have fully returned for the optimal view.

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This Georgia Treehouse is Airbnb's Most Desired Property in the World