Photos by Ker-Fox Photographyvia Birth Without Fear

Georgia Mom’s Priceless Reaction to Son’s Birth Goes Viral


This Georgia mom had the best reaction to her son's birth. Already a mom to one young daughter, Dara Crouch was shocked when she gave birth to a baby boy. It's been 50 years since anyone in Crouch's family has given birth to a boy. So, of course, she was fully expecting a baby girl. Crouch hadn't even thought to check the gender of the baby.

A labor and delivery nurse, Crouch gave birth at the hospital she works at. She and her husband, Eric, were joined by their friend and photographer, Neely Ker-Fox, who snapped some amazing pictures of the incredible moment. Crouch was shocked to discover she, in fact, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. And, she's got pictures to prove it.

Ker-Fox told Today that she remembered Crouch repeating: "Oh my gosh! It's a boy; I can't believe it's a boy!" That look is priceless, and Ker-Fox captured the moment perfectly. Although not all unexpected things are positive, this one was certainly a welcome surprise for the happy family. He was worth the 50-year wait.

Crouch's adorable reaction may give you a reason to skip finding out the sex of your baby and the super popular big gender reveals.


Birth Without Fear, a non-profit in Austin, Texas, first shared Ker-Fox's photos on Facebook and Instagram.

There's no word on what they've named their new son.

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