George W. Bush and Wife Laura Will Be Buried in Austin, Texas

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George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush just made a big decision. The pair decided their final resting place should be Austin, Texas and not Washington D.C.

The Bush’s chose the Texas State Cemetery in East Austin as their grave site. They’ll be the first presidential pair buried in the cemetery. Bush spokesman Freddy Ford made the announcement with a bit of humor.

“They never want to leave the home state they love,” Ford said in a release. “President Bush would just like to point out one thing: This doesn’t mean he already has one foot in the grave.” However,the cemetery hasn’t revealed the exact location of their future burial sites.

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The State Cemetery hoped George W. and Laura would choose them. It’s a huge honor, and not necessarily a common one. In fact, most presidents from the modern era chose their presidential library as a grave site. That includes Bush sr. The other famous Texan president, Lyndon Johnson, chose his famous Stonewall ranch.

George W. and Laura had plots in Austin lined up since his days as Governor. He only spent six years in the city during that time, but his fondness for all things Texas made it an easy choice to stick with the cemetery even after his presidency.

Though Bush was actually born in Connecticut, he grew up in Texas. The well-kept Texas State Cemetery serves as a fine spot for any proud, notable Texan, natural-born or otherwise. Other famous Texans buried there include Governor Ann Richards and author Bud Shrake.

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George W. Bush and Wife Laura Will Be Buried in Austin, Texas