George Strait
Facebook/Fiesta Medal Maniacs

New George Strait Fiesta Medal Puts Strait's Face On a Lotería Card As 'El Rey'


Collecting Fiesta medals are one of the most exciting and fun parts of the lengthy annual April festival held in San Antonio. These collectible pendants can be made by anyone and feature any subject one deems worth celebrating. This year, someone has decided to honor The King of Country himself, George Strait, by featuring the iconic musician's face on a Lotería card, dubbing him as "El Rey" (the king).

Earlier this week, Fiesta Medal Maniacs posted a photo of the new George Strait medal with a plea for any information on who made the piece and if they would be selling it. Comment after comment popped up from locals wanting to get their hands on the medal, and the post quickly spread across the San Antonio community. Eventually, it was revealed that Two10Connection commissioned "El Rey."

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On Facebook, Two10Connection mention that details on how and where to snag the pendant is coming soon. Medal collecting is serious business in San Antonio, so anyone wanting the piece will have to hurry or hope that someone will trade for it at a medal trading event. But right now, it seems unlikely that anyone would give up the in-demand The King of Country.

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