George Strait drinking game
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Eric Church's George Strait Drinking Game Will Test Your Country Knowledge

Eric Church is sharing the rules of his family's epic George Strait drinking game, and it's sure to get you a little tipsy.

Church and his wife are Strait fans, much like the rest of us. In a new video, he reveals the unique way they test out each other's Strait knowledge.

"My wife and I used to play a game where we would try to guess what songs were No. 1 by George Strait," he explains. "And it was a drinking game."

The rules are simple but the game is not. List Strait's 60 No. 1 hits. If you get one wrong, you take a drink. Was "All My Ex's Live in Texas" a No. 1? What about "Amarillo by Morning"? Even Church admits the game is harder than you might think.

"The interesting thing about George is you can't imagine what 60 No. 1s are but what you really can't imagine are the ones that were not No. 1's," Church says. "We would sit around every night and we would name which songs we thought were No. 1's. If it wasn't a No. 1, we had to drink. You wouldn't believe how many nights we were just stunned at what had not been a No. 1 song."

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So, next time you're at a party and need a little pick-me-up, play the George Strait drinking game. Pass out paper and pens to your partygoers and crank up the Strait. Just make sure everyone has a full drink before starting this game because if they answer wrong, they'll need to take a sip. Or a chug. Hey, I'm not judging!

Remember to drink responsibly and always, always bring a George Strait playlist to your parties.

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