See George Strait's Incredible 'Amarillo by Morning' on Austin City Limits

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George Strait has become one of the most influential country artists in modern history, but even he had to start somewhere.

Back in 1984, Strait was known as one of the brightest and biggest stars in the genre. Three years earlier, he had skyrocketed to the top of the charts with his debut single, "Unwound." He followed the track up with a string of huge hits, including the track "Amarillo by Morning."

During his second career appearance on Austin City Limits, a fresh-faced Strait flawlessly performed the now-classic song. As he introduced the track, he called it one of his "most requested songs ever."

Footage like this serves as a great reminder as to just how great of performer George Strait is and has always been. During a time when more and more artists are relying on heavy production in the studio and on stage to help them stand out from a crowd, Strait only needs his voice to help turn heads.

Although it's been 32 years since Strait made this appearance, he sounded just as good (if not better) performing the tune during his Las Vegas residency this April. If you want to see him live one last time, you can still snag a few tickets for his upcoming shows right here.

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See George Strait's Incredible 'Amarillo by Morning' on Austin City Limits