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This Genius Leaf Raking Hack Changes Everything

Screengrab via Facebook

It’s that time of year when the ground becomes covered with thick layers of dead leaves. There are very few of us who truly enjoy having to spend hours in the cold trying to remove these mounds of fall foliage.

If you’re like us and strive to complete arduous tasks with as little effort as possible, this video may change the way you rake leaves forever.

In the video above, you’ll see Brian Shreves walk across his yard with a giant piece of cardboard. Instead of having to sweep back and forth with a giant rake, Shreves simply slides the cardboard along the top of the lawn to neatly sweep away the masses of leaves.

There’s something slightly hilarious about watching a guy push a piece of cardboard across his lawn, but can you blame him? If I came up with a way of keeping myself from spending hours with a rake, I’d be just as chipper as he is.

Of course, this method is probably easiest for leaves that haven’t been rained on so they aren’t soggy and therefore harder to push, and a lawn that has mostly flat terrain.

Even if this trick doesn’t quite save you from a lifetime of leaf-raking, Shreves’ innovative – and fantastically lazy – way of thinking should be applauded.

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This Genius Leaf Raking Hack Changes Everything