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This Rodeo Gender Reveal is the Most Country Thing You'll See Today

An adorable (and creative) couple used a rodeo bull for the cutest and most unexpected purpose: to reveal the gender of their baby.

At the start of the video, it's hard to see how the reveal will happen. The couple has set up two signs, some balloons and has a bull ready to go behind the gate. There is also a tarp covering the gate so you can't see the bull from the audience.

Eventually, the rodeo hand lets the bull out of the gate and a stream of chalk dust flies behind it. Once the chalk flies, the audience goes wild.

You can take a look at the fun and unique gender reveal in the video below.

These days, it seems as though everyone on the planet is looking for ways to reveal the gender of their baby extra special. There are a lot of over the top announcements out there. For example, one couple in North Carolina used a firetruck and a whole lot of water to announce their baby's gender. Another couple even got Tim and Faith to do the job for them.

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However, using a bull to announce the gender of your baby is about as country as you can get. Naturally, the couple's family and friends all loved the idea. They are now anxiously awaiting the birth of the baby so they can offer it all the love and support they have.

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