Watch Garth Brooks Surprise Woman Who Delayed Her Wedding for His Show

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Garth Brooks really knows how to make you feel special. The country legend recently showed a lot of love to one very dedicated couple.

At a recent show in Louisiana, Brooks stopped his show to get the full story behind a pair of signs. "Alright, you gotta explain this me to cause I hope this sign is not true," Brooks says in the video.

Oh Garth, but it is.

Shannon, with her maid of honor, made the show at all costs. Her sign actually reads, "I postponed my wedding to be here." In fact, her husband-to-be was driving in at the moment.

Shannon watches on with one hand holding her phone to record, and the other over her mouth, because she can't believe the attention she's getting from Garth. It also appears Shannon's maid of honor is watching out for Brooks, too. Her sign addresses Garth, reading, "You need a restraining order from her."

Brooks then gets the name of the lucky man (Ken) and dedicates the next song to her, from Ken. What did he play? Watch below to find out.

What a cool way to make somebody's year. Especially because Garth managed to deflect the attention from himself and make the dedication between the couple. Now that's a superstar.

And then, of course, thinking on his toes in the hilarious twist. When Shannon raises another sign that reads "You are my hall pass," Brooks cracks up. (For those who don't know, that means Brooks is the pre-approved person she could cheat with). He immediately shifts gears to "That Summer," a much sexier song.

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It's always cool to see Garth give love to his fans. He's definitely called out others with great signs in the past. He even gave his guitar away to fans and invited a girl on stage to shoot confetti cannons when she skipped out on her prom.

Bottom line? Garth Brooks is the best.

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Watch Garth Brooks Surprise Woman Who Delayed Her Wedding for His Show